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Not all policy coverage is the same. Most insurance companies or brokers write a minimum amount of insurance to offer you a lower price, but are you really protected? At Gary Jones & Associates Insurance Agency, we take a common sense approach and write your policy based on your immediate needs for protection. But we don't stop there. As your picture changes, we review and make changes with you to keep you properly protected. There are absolutely no broker's fees. Insurance brokers may charge as much as $500.00 just to process your application, then they may even charge additional fees to make changes to your policy. At Gary Jones & Associates Insurance Agency, we don't ever charge you for customer service. Your down payment goes right to your premium. Ask us how you can save up to 37% on all of your Insurance.

Why Us?

We value our customer and put them first.

We are competitive and help our cutomers get the most for their money.

We have over 15 years of experience in the industry and we love what we do.


Natalia C said, "Thanks for your message and thanks for being so efficient with this.  You guys rock!"

Luis and Rosario M said, “Thank you for all you did for us, we really appreciate everything you did and of course if we ever decide to go back to CA you guys will be our first choice.  Take care and God bless always.”

Jim G said, “I want to wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for your support.  You are the best!”

Elizabeth R said, "Thanks again… you are amazing!!!”

Jan F said, "Thanks for being the BEST Insurance guy!!!"

Latest News

Happy March!  The first day of Spring is the 20th.  It is Umbrella Month (See trivia on that.) and we are celebrating Sherlock Holmes 125th anniversary too! (I’ve included some tidbits on that too.)
March 2017
Mar 2017
Happy February!  This month we welcome Valentine’s Day, Chocolate Lover’s Month and the Super Bowl.  I’m bringing you some fun trivia on all three and more.
February 2017
Feb 2017

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